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It all started with a mug

For my birthday last year my husband, who will be called either Mr B or the Dude in future blogs, gave me a mug with the inscription Mrs B. I always use that mug.

When we were talking about travelling the world, I decided to take the mug with me. I mentioned it to my family and friends, and they were all enthusiastic about it, almost giving the mug a life of its own. I got suggestions for taking photo’s with the mug wherever I go to providing the mug with its own blog. I considered these suggestions seriously, but then I realized, the mug is ceramic and might break, and I will need to have spares. When I searched for the spares, I found that they being sold an Amazon. Immediately I might have copyright issues, so I’ve decided against using that specific design.

While I had to change the design, I decided to print my own travel mug and tags to take on my trips. But then, once travelling, I sometimes forgot to take the mug with me on excursions, and two of the luggage tags disappeared after the first trip. So much for that idea!

OR Tambo Airport to Sterkstroom in the Eastern Cape via Excelsior

The name had stuck though, and I will write my new blog about my travels and discoveries, local and abroad, under the Rambling of the Travelling Mug. The photos are all my own unless otherwise specified. Most will be attributed to my photography page, Florescence.

Sterkstroom, Eastern Cape to Hogsback then back to Bloemfontein

What can you expect from my blog? Nothing adventurous, other than eating or drinking something I haven’t done before. All I seem to do is drink and eat while travelling.

Want to know more? Come, follow me on my journeys and subscribe to my blog.

Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan; Corstophine Road, Edinburgh; Leith Walk, Edinburgh; Pretoria

Until next time


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