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Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

In October, while visiting Taipei, we had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and the exhibition running at the time called ‘Once Upon a Time – Unfinished Progressive Past’, curated by Kao Chien-Hui.

It was the first exhibition in Taipei’s five-year curatorial project ‘Contemporary Art Ongoing’, conceptualised to celebrate the institution’s 18th anniversary.

To be honest, we didn't know what all these exhibits were all about as we decided to not take the free audio guide service or a group tour. Maybe it should've helped but it resulted in interesting discussions and interpretations!

Some of the exhibits provided interesting light for photographs.

We sometimes wondered if something was part of the exhibition or just decor but it didn't matter.

Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art is located in a historic Japanese-era building once used as Chenggong Elementary School. After Taiwan's retrocession, the building housed the Taipei City Hall. When City Hall moved to Xinyi District in 1994, the building was turned into an art museum.

The museum was officially renamed in 2000 as the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and is the first museum in Taiwan solely dedicated to contemporary art. The museum is currently run by Taipei Culture Foundation and supervised by the city government.

Well worth the visit and getting lost on the way there!




The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei is a museum of contemporary art, located in Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan. Wikipedia Address: No. 39號, Chang'an West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103 Hours: Tue. - Sun. 10AM - 6PM

Closed on Mon. Phone: +886 2-2552-3721

Phone: +886 2-2559-3874

E-mail: services@mocataipei.org.tw Nearby MRT: Zhongshan

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