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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2020 Theme Reveal

It took me months to start this blog, but I am back already today. When I received another author’s newsletter, something caught my eye, and that is the 2020 AtoZ Blogging Challenge. I thought it would be a great idea to kickstart my new blog, so without thought, without even having set up the blog correctly, I signed up. You can imagine how I scattered to set up the blog to make it look half-decent. I may need to make changes as I go along, but it doesn’t look too bad, even if I have to say so myself.

So, the reason why I’m back so soon is that, although it was supposed to happen on the 16th of March, and I’m late as usual, I’m only posting my Theme Reveal today. Mine is easy. I’m going to write about my travels, the places I’ve visited, and the food I’ve eaten, etc.

The challenge goes like this: all participants have to write a blog post every day throughout April (except Sundays) with a theme that starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. So, the 1st of April’s letter will be A and so forth.

You can find out more about the A-Z Blogging Challenge here.

You can find out more about the A-Z Blogging Challenge here.

Hope to see you on April 1st!

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